Our trust marks

New Zealand is so proud of its unique Mānuka honey and so passionate about protecting consumers from inferior imitations, that production and labeling of Mānuka honey is regulated by law. All honey claiming to be Mānuka honey must be tested in a laboratory authorised by the Ministry of Primary Industries, to make sure it contains specific attributes that distinguish Mānuka honey from other honey.
Only if it possesses certain levels of four chemical markers from the nectar of Mānuka blossoms and one DNA marker from Mānuka pollen can it be labeled Multifloral Mānuka honey – and there’s an even higher bar to reach to earn the label Monofloral Mānuka honey. At Superlife we test our honey numerous times during its production cycle to ensure it meets government guidelines and delivers a 100 percent genuine Mānuka honey experience to honey lovers around the world.